Office Supplies

  • Office Supplies

    Office Supplies

  • office supplies

    office supplies

  • picture of supplies

    picture of supplies

  • large selection of pens

    large selection of pens

  • paint brushes

    paint brushes

  • sketch books

    sketch books

  • High Quality Pens

    High Quality Pens

  • Suitcase


  • pack of dvd's

    pack of dvd's

our online store to order your office supplies online!

We are a member of BuroPlus, a 100% Canadian-owned network of independent vendors of office products and supplies in eastern Canada. With our combined buying power, our customers can enjoy a wide range of high quality products and services at very competitive prices.


In our store or online you can find a wide range of products:

  • the office supplies,
  • school supplies,
  • supplies for artists, and
  • IT products.

Save on hundreds of products by choosing Enium-brand, the in-house brand of BuroPlus.

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